building insights with data

Data Governance

  • Privacy assessment

  • Virtual Data Privacy officer

  • Build next generation of data governance

Data Science

  • Creating new insights from the data using data science

  • Helping move from analytics impaired to preemptive analytics solutions

Data Engineering

  • Set up a solid cloud based data processing foundation using latest techniques on AWS or GCP.

Human Centric Data Privacy

Linaltec believes in moving control of the personal data to the individual and make it human centric. To be able to accomplish this it is important to understand the regulation (GDPR) and technical solution to implement Self Sovereign Identity (SSI) using blockchain.


Linaltec was established in 2015 working with analytics and data science projects. When GDPR went into effect 2018 Linaltec started working with privacy assessment and training. End of 2018 a long term goal to better manage the sharing of personal data work was started. Using blockchain, zero knowledge proof and Self Sovereign Identity (SSI) principals to develop a open source standard solution with reference implementation human centric data sharing