Linaltec provides these services. We are curious about your data needs. Linaltec together with its partners will help make a smooth transition to new ways of working and new insights.

Data Governance

Linaltec helps explore opportunities, identify pitfalls with collecting personal data and build future solutions with SSI.

a) Privacy assessment

The penalties with non-compliance or data breach can be huge. Even for small or medium enterprises important to understand how prepared you are with protecting both your employees privacy rights and that of your customers. Perform an audit or training to increase awareness and add the necessary routines.

b) Virtual Data Protection Officer

For small or medium enterprises that are concerned with privacy regulation and collecting of personal data let Linaltec help with having a virtual Data Protection Officer (DPO).

c) Build next generation of data governance

Build a data sharing solution with the individual in focus. Member of several forums to help build privacy focused solutions using SSI principals and Distributed Ledger Technology. Member of MyData, Trust over IP, Hyperledger Aries and other standards forums to build the future of privacy.

Next generation of data governance

Human centric with verifiable credentials

Data Science

Help understand the opportunities with the data that is collected and avoid being in a state of analytics impaired but an analytical company.

Where do you start and is it worth bringing in external consultants to build or get a ready solution. Hard to find a 1 stop shop but Linaltec together with its partners can help.

Data Engineering

The foundation for building data solutions is to have a solid handling of the data. Security, robustness and performance are central to this foundation. The diagram is the hamburger model representing how data moves from the source to the application. In the center is the core to the data repository which need a proper ETL to ensure high data quality and analysis (data science) to get meaningful insights.